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Check Status of Non-Lucrative Visa Application
How to Check the status of Your Non-Lucrative Visa Application

There are two ways to check your non-lucrative visa application.  The Spanish Consulate has an online portal where you can check the progress of your visa application, and on the Spanish immigration website you can check the status of your residency application.

Update – Strike at the Spanish Consulates in the UK

UPDATE: 30th May Services seem to be back to normal UPDATE: 20th May Still no appointments available on the London Consulate booking system. Manchester and Edinburgh responding to requests in a few days and offering appointments around 2 to 3 weeks ahead. UPDATE: 10th May There are still no appointments available on the London Consulate

Registering an EU car in Spain
Registering a Car from an EU Country in Spain

There are a few steps involved in the process for registering a car from and EU country in Spain.  Fortunately because of European standardisation, or homologation as it’s known, in most cases, provided you know the steps, it’s relatively straight forward. The following is a basic run through of the steps and process.

Modelo 720 Overseas Assets Declaration
Spain Amends Overseas Assets Declaration Law Following EU Ruling Deeming It Illegal

Since the introduction of legislation in 2012, (LEY 7/2012, de 29 octubre, de prevención y lucha contra el fraude fiscal), Spain has required all Spanish residents to make an overseas assets declaration, notifying the authorities of the worldwide assets that they own or control. Under the Law, failure to make an overseas assets declaration, or

Spanish Residency & Planning for Tax in Spain

Understanding and planning fiscal residency and Spanish tax is a very important when making the transition to become a resident in Spain.  Tax in Spain is very different to the UK, and has become even more complicated since the UK left the EU as the way certain types of income are treated changed. Here we

UK Passport ETIAS Visa Waiver
ETIAS Visa Waiver and UK Passport Holders

The ETIAS Visa Waiver is a visa waiver program created by the European Union to protect and strengthen its borders.  It copies the US Visa Waiver Program which provides prior travel authorization through the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA). ETIAS stands for European Travel Information and Authorization System.  The main goal of the ETIAS

Appointment Spanish Consulate London
Booking a Non-Lucrative Visa Appointment at the Spanish Consulate in London

To get an appointment to submit a Non-Lucrative Visa application at the Spanish Consulate in London, you must first send a request by email. Attached to your request you must provide a sworn translation to Spanish of your Police Certificate (ACRO report). Need help getting sworn translations?   Click here Requesting an appointment to apply for

healthcare requirement non-lucrative vis
Medical & Healthcare Requirements for the Non-Lucrative Visa

There are two main healthcare requirements for the Non-Lucrative Visa.   Firstly you must be free from any of the diseases listed under the International Health Regulations 2005, and secondly you need to have unrestricted access to healthcare in Spain. Doctors Letter or Medical Certificate for a Non-Lucrative Visa Application The first requirement is satisfied by

Register a Non EU Car in Spain
Import and Register a Car From a Non-EU Country in Spain

The are quite a few steps and costs involved to import and register and car from a non-EU country in Spain. First and foremost EU conformity, import and registration costs must be taken into account as these can make the import and registration in Spain impossible or too expensive to be worth while. This said,

Spanish Number Plates for UK Cars Post Brexit
Registering a UK Car in Spain After Brexit

The UK is no longer in the EU and the process and costs to register a UK car in Spain after Brexit have changed considerably. This is because UK cars now are now treated as vehicles from third countries and must either clear customs, or get a customs certificate if your car qualifies for customs

Spanish Consulate London
Spanish Consulate London

Updated 15/10/2021 The Spanish Consulate in London covers the southern counties of the UK, Crown Dependencies and British Overseas Territories.  So if you live in East Anglia, the South East or the South West, you’ll need to go to the Spanish Consulate in London to apply for a Spanish residency visa. Locations Served by the

Spanish Consulate Edinburgh
Spanish Consulate Edinburgh

There are three Spanish Consulates in the UK that handle Spanish residency visa applications.  The Spanish Consulate in Edinburgh covers the North of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.  So if you live in one of these areas, you’ll need to go to the Spanish Consulate in Edinburgh to apply for a Spanish residency visa. Locations

Spanish Consulate Manchester
Spanish Consulate Manchester

The Spanish Consulate in Manchester covers Central UK.  So if you live in the Midlands, the North West, Isle of Man or Wales, you’ll need to go to the Spanish Consulate in Manchester to apply for a Spanish residency visa. Locations Served by the Spanish Consulate in Manchester

Importing a High Value Car from the UK to Spain Post Brexit

Importing a high value car from the UK in Spain post Brexit, now comes with added costs.  As the UK is no longer in the EU and the standard process to import and register a UK car in Spain now involves customs. This means on top of the registration tax which in most cases will

Spanish non-lucrative visa for UK British National
Spanish Non-Lucrative Visa for UK British Nationals

The Spanish Non-Lucrative Visa offers residency to British nationals who have the financial means to support themselves without working.  The Spanish Non-Lucrative Visa scheme is therefore ideal if you are retired or have passive income, for example from a portfolio of properties or other investments.  The Spanish Non-Lucrative Visa allows full-time residency in Spain. What

Golden Visa Spain
Golden Visa for Property Investors in Spain

Spain’s Golden Visa offers residency to individuals who make a real estate investment in Spain of €500,000 or more.  The Golden Visa scheme has been in existence since September 2013 when legislation for the ‘residency by investment scheme’ was passed.  The aim being to attract foreign investors at a time when the economy of Spain

Spanish Golden Visa for Property Investors
Spanish Golden Visa for UK British Nationals

The Spanish Golden Visa offers residency to individuals who make a real estate investment in Spain of €500,000 or more.  The Spanish Golden Visa scheme has been in existence since September 2013 when legislation for the ‘residency by investment scheme’ was passed.  The aim being to attract foreign investors at a time when the economy

Non-Lucrative Visa Checklist
Non-Lucrative Visa Application Checklist

Are You Ready For Your Non-Lucrative Visa Application Appointment? Use the checklist below to make sure you’ve not missed anything.

Extranjeria Foreigners Office for TIE Applications
Withdrawal Agreement TIE for British UK Nationals in Spain

The TIE, Tarjeta de Indentidad de Extranjero, is the Spanish identification card for citizens from third countries (non-EU) who reside in Spain.  The Withdrawal Agreement TIE is a special version of this card, issued to British UK nationals who have retained EU rights under the terms of the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement. The qualifying requirements for

UK EU Travel Visas
British Citizen UK Nationals Require Visas for Residency in Spain

As of 1st January 2021 the United Kingdom was no longer a member of the European Union.  The transition period to negotiate future arrangements between EU and the UK ended on 31st December 2020, with a deal of sorts finally agreed at the last minute. As of the end of the transition period, privileges enjoyed

Residency Malaga Costa del Sol
Spanish Residency Certificates Visas & TIE

If you’re not a Spanish citizen and want to live in Spain, you have to obtain Spanish residency.  The process that you have to follow to get Spanish residency depends on your nationality, whether you are from an EU country, and if not, what you plan to do whilst you are a Spanish resident. Nationals

Embassy of Spain London UK Spanish Residency Visa Applications
Spanish Residency Requirements for British Citizens and UK Nationals 2021

Spanish residency requirements for British citizens / UK nationals changed on January 1st 2021 when the UK left the EU. British citizens / UK nationals now have to follow the same process as other non-EU national citizens of third countries to get Spanish residency, i.e. there is a requirement to first obtain a visa. The

Non-Lucrative Visa Service Enquiry

Brexit Agreement
The UK EU Brexit Agreement and British Nationals in Spain

Christmas Eve marked the moment the UK finally reached a Brexit agreement with the EU, full details of which have now been published.  The so called ‘Free Trade Agreement: a new economic and social partnership with the United Kingdom’, is of most interest to UK nationals living in Spain and other EU countries, those planning to and

Spanish Embassy Visa Applications
Spanish Residency Long Stay Visas for Nationals of non-EU countries

Nationals of non-EU countries require a visa to enter Spain, if the stay is intended to be more than 90 days.  The Schengen visa in most cases cannot be used to apply for residency in Spain. There is an exception when an immediate family member is joining a family member who already lives in Spain

FCA UK Financial Advisers Spain
UK Financial Advisers With Clients Living in Spain and other EU countries

We wrote an article recently detailing that many British nationals living in Spain and other EU countries, have received letters from their UK banks telling them that their accounts will be closed at the end of 2020.  This due to no Brexit trade deal having been agreed.   That article explained the impact of no Brexit

Can I keep my ISA’s when I move to Spain?

ISA’s are very tax efficient ways to save or invest, as you pay no tax on savings interest, (not that you get any these days), and virtually no tax on investment returns. They are therefore usually the first type of saving or investment account that people will have.  For this reason, and the fact that

Barclays Bank UK
UK Banks To Close Accounts & Withdraw Services for Brits Living in the EU

The UK press and expat papers in Spain have all carried articles warning that thousands of Brits living in the EU will have their UK bank accounts closed by the end of the year. In the UK the The Daily Mail, The Guardian, The Times and The Daily Telegraph to name a few, have all

A picture of a villa residence in Spain
Non Residents Property Tax

Aside from Local (IBI), Capital Gains, Wealth and Inheritance Taxes, non residents must pay tax on any income they receive that arises in Spain.  Income tax for non-residents is charged at a fixed rate of 19% if you are a resident in an EU or EEA country  For non-residents from the rest of the world,

Document Translation Certifying and Legalisation
Document Translation Certifying and Legalisation

Fortunately these days, if you don’t know the Spanish language, translating basic documents is relatively easy.  There are abundant translation apps such as the popular Google Translate which a quite accurate.  Of course, if you need to have a Spanish translation of a more detailed or official document, you’ll need to get someone to do

ITV - Mijas Costa del Sol
ITV – Inspección Técnica de Vehículos

In Spain, the periodic road worthiness inspection, is the ITV. (Inspeccion Tecnica de Vehiculos – Vehicle Technical Inspection).  Like the UK MoT test, it’s mandatory for all road going vehicles, and driving without a valid ITV can result in fines. When Does The ITV have to be done? The frequency of the ITV test depends

Padron Empadronamiento
Registering on the Padrón

Registering on the ‘padrón’ helps the local town hall to apply for funds from central government to bolster their municipal budgets.  For this reason, many town halls are keen to get more inhabitants to register on their ‘padrón’, and often campaign to persuade more people to do so.  In touristic and popular holiday home areas such

Historic Number Plates for Classic Cars in Spain

Registering Classic Cars in Spain The process of assigning a registration number to a Classic Car in Spain is more or less the same as that for a normal car.  However the car will have to go through more vigorous checks before it can be passed.  There is no differentiation in regard to age of

Classic Car Historical Licence Plates Costa del Sol
Registering Classic Cars With Historical Licence Plates in the Costa del Sol

Spain does not have a system to issue personalised licence plates.  It does however have a system to identify and recognise Classic Cars.  Cars that qualify can achieve the status of being certified as a ‘historical vehicle’.  Classic Cars with this status can be registered with historical licence plates, so the owner can enjoy the

Brexit and Spanish Residency for British Nationals

Update – Spanish Residency for British UK Nationals During the Transition Period The article below was written the UK left the EU under the withdrawal agreement in January 2020. Under the withdrawal agreement, British Nationals who hold a residency certificate have their rights as an EU citizen secured.  On July 6th 2020, the residency application

Spanish residency certificates for UK EU citizens
Spanish Residency Certificate for Citizens of EU Countries

Spanish Residency Certificate for Citizens of EU countries All EU and EEA (European Economic Area) citizens and their family members have the right to visit, live or work in Spain.  A Spanish residency certificate confirms your status as a resident in Spain. For stays of up to 3 months there is no need to register

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