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Make your move to Spain the smart and easy way with Lifestyle Relocation Services. Info, services and advice covering everything you need for a successful and smooth transition into Spain.

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We provide and arrange personal, specialist and professional services for all types of lifestyle needs. Spend less time doing things you prefer not to and more time living your life.

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Spanish Residency Visa
Understanding the Requirements and Costs for British Nationals to Get Spanish Residency

It’s more than 6 months since the UK left the EU, and there is still a lot of confusion and a lack of understanding of the requirements and costs for British Nationals to get Spanish Residency. We covered the general requirements in our article Spanish Residency Requirements for British Citizens and UK Nationals 2021. Here we

Spanish Number Plates for UK Cars Post Brexit
Registering a UK Car in Spain After Brexit

The UK is no longer in the EU and the process and costs to register a UK car in Spain after Brexit have changed considerably. This is because UK cars now are now treated as vehicles from third countries and must either clear customs, or get a customs certificate if your car qualifies for customs

Importing a High Value Car from the UK to Spain Post Brexit

Importing a high value car from the UK in Spain post Brexit, now comes with added costs.  As the UK is no longer in the EU and the standard process to import and register a UK car in Spain now involves customs. This means on top of the registration tax which in most cases will

Spanish non-lucrative visa for UK British National
Spanish Non-Lucrative Visa for UK British Nationals

The Spanish Non-Lucrative Visa offers residency to British nationals who have the financial means to support themselves without working.  The Spanish Non-Lucrative Visa scheme is therefore ideal if you are retired or have passive income, for example from a portfolio of properties or other investments.  The Spanish Non-Lucrative Visa allows full-time residency in Spain with

Spanish Residency & Planning for Tax in Spain

We first published this article in February last year.  At that time Brexit had finally just ‘been done’, and the transition period begun.  Through 2019 and 2020 unprecedented numbers of British nationals formally registered as resident in Spain to secure their residency rights under the Withdrawal Agreement.  The numbers of residency applications spiked in the

Spanish Property Investor Golden Visa for UK British Nationals

The Spanish Property Investor ‘Golden’ Visa offers residency to individuals who make a real estate investment in Spain of €500,000 or more.  The Golden Visa scheme has been in existence since September 2013 when legislation for the ‘residency by investment scheme’ was passed.  The aim being to attract foreign investors at a time when the

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