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Non-Residents Tax on Property

Aside from Capital Gains, Wealth and Inheritance Taxes, non-residents must pay tax on any income they receive that arises in Spain.  Income tax for non-residents is charged at a fixed rate of 19% if you are a resident in an EU or EEA country  For non-residents from the rest of the world, the rate is 24%. Non-Residents Property

Brexit Checklist for British Nationals Living in Spain

Countdown to Brexit Once again Brexit looms, only this time around, the person in charge is truly determined to make it happen, and appears hell-bent on doing so at whatever cost. The so-called ‘Brexit deal’ now seems little more than a distant memory, and all British nationals living in Spain should, understand, plan and do what they need

Brexit Clock Ticking Countdown
No Deal Brexit and Brits in Spain

Countdown to Brexit The extension of article 50 has put the clock back on Brexit.  This is good news for Brits in Spain, especially those who haven’t yet managed to get their Spanish residency paperwork sorted out.  In addition to time being bought, the chance of a no deal Brexit has also reduced considerably.  MP’s

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