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Residency Malaga Costa del Sol
Spanish Residency Certificates Visas & TIE

If you’re not a Spanish citizen and want to live in Spain, you have to obtain Spanish residency.  The process that you have to follow to get Spanish residency depends on your nationality, whether you are from an EU country, and if not, what you plan to do whilst you are a Spanish resident. Nationals

Embassy of Spain London UK Spanish Residency Visa Applications
Spanish Residency Requirements for British Citizens and UK Nationals 2021

The Brexit transition period ended 31st December 2020. This means there are now new Spanish residency requirements for British citizens / UK nationals effective from January 1st 2021. British citizens / UK nationals now have to follow the same process as other non-EU national citizens of third countries to get Spanish residency. Since July 2020,

Brexit Agreement
The UK EU Brexit Agreement and British Nationals in Spain

Christmas Eve marked the moment the UK finally reached a Brexit agreement with the EU, full details of which have now been published.  The so called ‘Free Trade Agreement: a new economic and social partnership with the United Kingdom’, is of most interest to UK nationals living in Spain and other EU countries, those planning to and

UK EU Travel Visas
British Citizen UK Nationals Require Visas for Residency in Spain

The United Kingdom left the European Union on 31 January 2020.  The transition period that to negotiate future arrangements between EU and the UK ends on 31st December 2020, with a deal finally agreed at the last minute. As of the end of the transition period, privileges enjoyed under EU freedom of movement come to

Spanish Embassy Visa Applications
Spanish Residency Long Stay Visas for Nationals of non-EU countries

Nationals of non-EU countries require a visa to enter Spain, if the stay is intended to be more than 90 days.  The Schengen visa in most cases cannot be used to apply for residency in Spain. There is an exception when an immediate family member is joining a family member who already lives in Spain

Extranjeria Foreigners Office for TIE Applications
Applying for the TIE as a British UK National in Spain

The TIE, Tarjeta de Indentidad de Extranjero, is the Spanish identification card for citizens from third countries (non-EU) who reside in Spain.  As the UK is no longer in the EU British UK nationals also have to apply for this card to take up residency in Spain. During the transition period the qualifying requirements for

Document Translation Certifying and Legalisation
Document Translation Certifying and Legalisation

Fortunately these days, if you don’t know the Spanish language, translating basic documents is relatively easy.  There are abundant translation apps such as the popular Google Translate which a quite accurate.  Of course, if you need to have a Spanish translation of a more detailed or official document, you’ll need to get someone to do

National Police Station for TIE Exchange
Exchanging Your Spanish Residency Certificate for the TIE for British UK Nationals

The TIE, Tarjeta de Indentidad de Extranjero, is the Spanish identification card for citizens from third countries (non-EU) who reside in Spain.  Since July 6th 2020 British UK nationals moving to Spain also have to apply for this card, as the UK is no longer in the EU. If you already have a Spanish residency

Classic Car Historical Licence Plates Costa del Sol
Registering Classic Cars With Historical Licence Plates in the Costa del Sol

Spain does not have a system to issue personalised licence plates.  It does however have a system to identify and recognise Classic Cars.  Cars that qualify can achieve the status of being certified as a ‘historical vehicle’.  Classic Cars with this status can be registered with historical licence plates, so the owner can enjoy the

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