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Brexit Draft Deal and Brits in Spain

Teresa May’s draft Bill for the Brexit Draft Deal was approved the evening of the 14th November,  It puts forward the proposed terms for the separation agreed by both parties. We have quickly reviewed it.  We won’t offer an opinion on it, the media presents the general reaction and sentiment, however we’ve highlighted some notable

Brexit Clock Ticking Countdown
No Deal Brexit and Living in Spain

The clock is ticking. There are just a few months to go before Brexit and there is still no deal in sight. As things stand, there is every chance that come 29th March next year, the United Kingdom will leave the EU with no deal. Deal or no deal Brexit what difference does it make?

Can I keep my ISA’s when I move to Spain?

ISA’s are very tax efficient ways to save or invest, as you pay no tax on savings interest, (not that you get any these days), and virtually no tax on investment returns. They are therefore usually the first type of saving or investment account that people will have.  For this reason, and the fact that

Lifestyle Group Feature In A Place In The Sun Magazine
Feature In A Place In The Sun Magazine

A Place in the Sun is one of the UK’s most highly recognised names when it comes to property abroad and overseas lifestyle, and the A Place in the Sun magazine is always full of features and top tips help people with their property searches and plans for their life abroad, be that a holiday home a permanent

Currency Exchange
Getting a Better Deal on Currency Exchange

When buying holiday money or sending money abroad, many banks and brokers include hidden fees and or a mark-up in the exchange rate.  Not surprising, a recent study into international money transfers and payments found that 75% of consumers do not know about, or do not understand currency exchange rate mark-ups. In recent years specialised currency

Spanish Number Plates
The cost to get Spanish number plates for a UK registered vehicle

How much does it cost to get Spanish number plates for a UK or other EU vehicle?  We get asked this question everyday, it’s constantly being asked on Facebook and forums, and whilst it’s not a straightforward one to answer, because there are many variables, here we provide an accurate as possible guide to the

No Deal Brexit and Driving in Spain

Guidance has been issued on the website about the event of a no deal Brexit and driving in Spain and the EU. It provides a lot scenario type information, but in short it states that, after March 2019 if there’s no deal a UK driving licence may no longer be valid by itself when

Brexit and Brits in Spain
Brexit – UK Government Advice and Information for Brits in Spain

Keep up to date on Brexit with UK Government advice and information for Brits in Spain. The website is regularly updated with useful and important information regarding Brexit.  The section below includes Brexit guidance and information for Brits in the EU.

A picture of a villa residence in Spain
Taking Up Spanish Residency

Spanish residency, begins with a having a right to reside in Spain, either unconditionally, or, for as as long as you continue to meet residency criteria. Since 2007, there has been a requirement that all EU citizens planning to reside in Spain for more than 3 months, should register in person at the Oficina de Extranjeros

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