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UK EU Driving Licence Exchange

UK EU Driving Licence Exchange Made Easy®

UK / EU driving licence exchange made easy® UK / EU driving licence exchange made easy®, is a complete service to handle the application to exchange your UK, or other EU driving licence, for a Spanish one.  We’ve turned a cumbersome and time consuming procedure, into a simple and easy process. It really is as easy

Spanish Number Plates

Spanish Number Plates Made Easy®

Spanish number plates made easy® Spanish number plates made easy®, is a complete service to register your UK, or other EU vehicle in Spain.  We take care of everything from start to finish.  We think it’s important that you understand the cost’s and what’s involved from the outset.   Therefore, before we even get started, we provide

Historic Number Plates Classic Car Spain

Historic Licence Plates Made Easy®

Historic licence plates made easy® Southern Spain is the perfect place to keep and drive a classic car.  Historic licence plates are the perfect way to display your classic car’s authenticity.  Prestige aside, there are some practical advantages too, such as road tax exemption, lower insurance, and ITV road worthiness test reduced to as little

Vehicle Special Registration Tax Waiver

Application for waiver of special registration tax on personally owned UK /EU vehicle/s imported when moving to Spain. What the service includes Preparation of case Translation of documents Submission of application at tax office Guidance on important and process Spanish tax consultation if required The biggest cost when registering a vehicle for the first time

Spanish Numbers Plates – Non EU Vehicle

A start to finish service, putting your non-EU vehicle onto Spanish number plates Initial review of all documentation checking all present & correct Assistance if any document is missing Advice on any adjustments needed to the vehicle e.g. lights, tyres etc. Help sourcing parts & arranging modifications if required Non-EU vehicle certification obtained Temporary green

Vehicle Sale / Purchase Contract

A contract & guide giving you peace of mind when buying or selling a vehicle in Spain Guide to buying or selling a vehicle in Spain Dual language Spanish & English contract Paperwork check to make sure everything in order Advise of anything missing or we think is not right Contract witnessing & paperwork certification

Door to Door ITV

A doorstep pick up & drop off service – taking your car through the ITV test for you Appointment booked for you & at a time that suits. Pick up & drop off from your home/work Paperwork permissions to drive your vehicle arranged Initial visual check done to ensure no obvious test fail Vehcicle taken

Vehicle Change of Ownership

The essentials taken care of when you buy or sell a car Guide to buying or selling a vehicle in Spain Full explanation & advice on the process Dual language Spanish & English contract Temporary official certificate ‘Justificante’ confirming sale/ purchase Paperwork & road tax checks to make sure everything in order Advise ON anything

Non EU / Non Certified Vehicle Approval

Preparation & completion of an application to gain authorisation for a vehicle that does not have an EU type approval Expert advice, process explained Fully qualified Spanish engineer vehicle check Staff with full knowledge of EU type approval requirements Complete assistance with documentation for one off approval Advice on adaptive work required Recommended suppliers to carry out any

Ficha Reducida for a UK or EU Registered Vehicle

An inspection & documentation service for vehicles being brought into Spain Requirements & process explained Vehicle checked & documented Anomalies picked up & advised Necessary modification work notified if required Application prepared & submitted Communication with vehicle technical institute managed Ficha obtained & issued The ‘ficha reducida’ is an alternative to the Certificate of Conformity,

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