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Exchange UK / EU driving licence for a Spanish licence

UK EU Driving Licence Exchange

Brexit Countdown UK / EU driving licence exchange made easy® UK / EU driving licence exchange made easy®, is a complete service to handle the application to exchange your UK, or other EU driving licence, for a Spanish one.  We’ve turned a cumbersome and time consuming procedure, into a simple and easy process. It really is

Classic Car Historic Number Plates

A start to finish complete service to put Historic plates on your loved “Classic” Customs & excise paperwork assessment for non-EU vehicles Provisional plates where necessary Check for suitability by qualified technician Spanish technical documentation Arrange & handle technical assessment at approved laboratory to obtain historic certification Historic club vehicle compliance certificate Presentation at the

Residency Certificate Residencia

Residency Certificate Made Easy®

Brexit Countdown IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR BRITISH NATIONALS:  There will be a new procedure after Brexit, for British nationals to register as residents.  Those who have already registered and obtained their Spanish residency certificate, will also have to exchange this for a new residency card.  Whilst it is technically still possible to obtain a Spanish residency

Spanish Number Plates Made Easy®

Brexit Countdown Spanish number plates made easy® Spanish number plates made easy®, is a complete service to register your UK, or other EU vehicle in Spain.  We take care of everything from start to finish.  We think it’s important that you understand the cost’s and what’s involved from the outset.   Therefore, before we even get started,

Vehicle Special Registration Tax Waiver

Application for waiver of special registration tax on personally owned UK /EU vehicle/s imported when moving to Spain. What the service includes Preparation of case Translation of documents Submission of application at tax office Guidance on important and process Spanish tax consultation if required The biggest cost when registering a vehicle for the first time

Applications & Form Filling

A professional, confidential application & form filling service for all your needs Personnel who understand the forms & can advise Bi-lingual English/Spanish Flexible to your requirements Understanding that in forms attention to detail is king. Thorough checking & advice re supporting documentation Pre-agreed pricing per length and/or detail of form Free initial consultation Application &

Bank Account Opening

Professional assistance setting up banking arrangements Review of personal circumstances to determine requirements Information on types of accounts, charges, fees, offshore etc. Advice re type of bank account to suit your circumstances inc. offshore Guidance on application/supporting documentation Accompanied first visit to Bank if required Foreign exchange & money transfer review Overall financial review/advice available

Social Security Registration

Service handling your application for a Social Security number Social Security system in Spain outlined – benefits, costs etc. Review of your situation & social security needs/requirements Entitlements/Health Care/Pensions fully explained Fully assisted application & presentation Advice on supporting documents required Forms completed for you Accompanied visit to Social Security office for registration Made Easy™

Change of Address

A comprehensive service making all necessary change of address notifications Phone & Utility companies Town Hall – Padron removal DGT – reissue vehicle documents Bank/s & Insurance Provider/s Tax Office, Social Security, Health Service Letters written & sent Forms filled in for submission with supporting documents Related tips & advice from our knowledge and experience

Padron Registration

A ‘hand held’ service to register you on your Town Hall Padron. Padron fully explained Preparation & submission of application Accompanied to presentation at Town Hall Advice on supporting documents needed Information about associated matters, e.g. tax implications If you’re not confident handling, or simply don’t want to have to deal with Spanish bureaucrats in

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